Monday, May 17, 2010

How do I make my breasts not jiggle when I walk?

I have very large breasts (natural DDs) and the tops of them jiggle a lot when I walk. How do I control this and make it stop?

In addition, how do I get guys to stop staring when this happens??? I lean over and half the room is staring - how do I get this to stop?

How do I make my breasts not jiggle when I walk?
Try better support bras. Here is a support bra site:

As far as guys staring I would probably stare too. Unfortunately you have to live with men staring...

Sorry ;-)

At least they're not grabbing them.
Reply:To stop people from starting, you should avoid men and lesbians.
Reply:honey.. you have DD's now and want a 34 F (per your other questions). Whats the point? I have a 38 D now and they jiggle. Its called wearing a bra that covers more than your nipple. I used to wear the tiny ones and would literally pour out of my shirt...Then I started wearing ones that would cover the entire breast, and they dont jiggle. Perhaps buying better quality bras,or changing the style you are buying?

The only way to get people to not look is to not dress like a hootchie and let your cleavage hang out.

Best of luck..
Reply:It's hard to say without seing them. Perhaps you should post a picture.

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